Freitag, 5. August 2016


Style: Dark beer
Brewed: Tyskie Brewery (SAB Miller), Poland
Tested: Bottle, July 2016

Does it always need to be a craft beer? Of course…not! This may sound strange from my mouth (or keyboard), but the truth is that sometimes I am tired of a craft beer (especially in its experimental modus). Just an example from today – we have tested 7 beers and 3 of them were not our case. I tend to more and more think that its sometimes worth to take something you know than to try. It is even more important, because it is still possible that you will end up visiting family that only drinks regular beer…
You want simple, light black beer. Malty, but not hoppy, some taste of chocolate. Really easy in drinking?

Go for Ksiazece Ciemne Lagodne – seriously, you can’t do anything wrong! It is not craft, it’s not stout, but it is simple and tastes OK.

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