Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2016


Imperial Black IPA
Brewed: Pinta (Poland)
Tested: bottle, July 2016

Free translation of the label: "...intensive bitterness from the Polish Magnum, and a very solid body from the German pale and roasted malts..."

I love bitter beer, so Hopus Jumbo sounds like a great option for me. In fact, it is a great beer, but not exactly what Pinta wants it to be...

Dear Pinta, I would like to ask where is the intensive bitter taste you have promised. Remember, Pinta put the "bitter part" in the first place of the beer description. Well, Hopus has 83 IBU, but it is also very, very malty (mostly chocolate and coffee) and aromatic. Bitter taste is extremely well balanced and is mostly gone. 
My description would be: an excellent, mild, well balanced beer, tasting and smelling of chocolate. Medium carbonation, leaves a decent bitter taste afterwards. 

I would dare to say that if you always wanted to try an imperial IPA and was afraid to do so, this may be the good start. Good job Pinta!

2 Kommentare:

  1. I wonder if one can be diagnosed with fear of Imperial IPAs :)

  2. I am quite sure that the Rebellion fears anything Imperial...