Freitag, 15. Juli 2016


Style: Belgian Ale
Brewed: Doctor Brew feat.Simon Martin (Poland)
Tested: bottles, earlier this year

I am surprised by the overall relatively negative reviews this beer has received on the web. People claim that Anabelle is rather cloggy, some complain about the high content of CO2, strong yeast taste overcoming the rest of the aromas, hops almost not detectable (apparently Anabelle has 100 IBU). On top that beer has a high foam and aroma of citrus and cloves. All together, majority of people claim that Anabelle is average to weird.

LOL (experts...)

All above is the typical description that I could give to any properly made Belgian Ale. Anabelle is absolutely true to the style. Alcoholic, CO2-heavy, sweet yeast in taste – BELGIAN ALE! And it’s a good one. How do I know (especially that I do not like Belgian Ales)? I have tested Anabelle on Belgians…and they love it. Really, no joke. Anabelle was a surprise of the day on our monthly beer tasting and before showing the bottle nobody believed that this beer could come from Poland.

The whole story just shows that its hard to be a prophet in your own country. Good job Doctor Brew.

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