Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, meine Damen und meine Herren, mesdames et messieurs, and so on. Every beer needs to have a label. And here is the one I have designed.

1. My beer is a tribute to Pliny the Elder brewed by the Russian River in California, therefore the label is based on their label (RR are you OK with that?)

2. I have added on top a little bit of my own style, including wicked sense of humor and Franek - a cartoon characket I am drawing since more than 20 years.

Given that you will find 5 minutes today, any comments are welcome.

5 Kommentare:

  1. Maybe that's the eldest Pliny, for me looks like one of hops u've used ;p

    1. I didnt think about it, but now, when you say it... similarity is striking. But I promise, no hops were harmed during production of this label.

  2. This label is great! Maybe it's the beginning of famous Franek Beer brand? When I see name Pliny it always reminds me of PLNY Tekstylia (polish clothes) - maybe he was also the creator of this company?

  3. Heehe, I was teased to write Pliniusz the Starszy as a name...