Sonntag, 10. Juli 2016

Chocolade cake - 
Beer Mug

Style: Chocolade cake
Conditioned: Dagmara & Kids Kompany*
Tested: 10 July 2016

Question of the day - can you put almost a kilogram of chocolate in one cake? Dagmara & Kids made it (and it is the Belgian chocolate). It is a perverted taste of juicy-chocolate-biscuit, mixed with chocolate fill-in, coated with a thick layer of chocolate overlay. Ninja-style, the whole thing is decorated as a harmless mug of beer. But don't be tricked  - that thing was designed to take no prisoners. One bite and you can't stop. Really amazing cake.

Thanks a lot my dear Family!

PS. No belgian brewers and chocolatiers were hurt during preparation of the cake.
PS2. A lot of dietary effort was killed during eating... Be careful - if you look at the photos for too long, this may also impact your weight.

* czasami kompany w goracej wodzie;)

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