Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2016


Style: Belgian IPA
Brewed: Brussels Beer Project
Tested: bottle, July 2016

Belgium is the beer centre of the world (some people really believe this), but the small dirty little secret of Belgian brewers is that they have serious problems with interpretation of the new world beers - IPAs, stouts etc...

On average, 90%+ of Belgian efforts to produce drinkable IPA is a failure. Therefore, local brewers have invented the new style. Belgian IPA. Its like IPA, but has much more CO2, and lets not forget to kill all the hops with a lot of yeast aroma. Delta is exactly like that - loooooot of foam (see picture), hardly bitter in taste. If I would not read the label, I would say that its another Belgian Ale, but would never come to the idea of calling it IPA.

Final verdict depends on your preferences - do you like Belgian Ales? Well, it is another pretty nice one for you. Do you like IPA? Stay away from Delta.

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