Sonntag, 24. Juli 2016

(big test of Earl Grey beers on the market).

Arcybrowar - Dark Earl Grey IPA
Revolta - Earl Grey AIPA
Olimp - Panakeja (Earl Grey IPA)

Brewed: All in Poland
Tested: bottles, 23.07.2016

Is it only my feeling, or the anno domini 2016 is the year of experiments in the polish craft? Instead of making sure that the beer you have already tested and like is accessible, anytime you want it, Polish beer crafters seems to be busy with the experimental work. Normally, I would say that there are some limits of what you can add to the beer (and to be still able to call it a beer), but the fact that 3 breweries in Poland (at least, please let me know if I miss something) have decided to add tea to the beer must mean something. 

I think that they want to solve the beer-tea dilema.

OK, I will stop the bullshit. How does this combinations taste? Specific.
If you are not a fan of Earl Grey tea, you dont even need to read further. A looooooot of Earl Grey was added here and you will not like it at all. Otherwise you are good to go.

First is the Dark Earl Grey IPA brewed by Arcybrowar. The Force (Earl Grey) is rather strong in this one. The amount of bergamotte added is solid and its strong in taste and aroma. However, still there are some citrus and possibly cardamon. The bergamotte is very well ballanced by some malt aroma and hops. Rather bitter combination and low carbonated. All together very good beer. Ex aequo place 1.

What about the AIPA? Things are getting interesting here - Revolta brewed a beer rather amber in colour (I suspect more bergamotte oil and less tea as such). This or that way, there is a clearly citrus aroma here and a lot of cardammon. Medium carbonation and solid but not overwhelming hopping are doing the job. In fact, its much more close to what I have expected to be a beer with earl grey flavout than the other competitors here. Really good beer. Ex aequo place 1.

Olimp Panakeja was a surprise (it was so surprising that I had two bottles, on two different days, from two different shops, just to see if I was right). And not a good one. Whereas two other beers in the test were clearly beers with earl grey. Panakeja is for me earl grey tee with hops. Concentrated tee is rather bitter + high hopping = really heavy piece of crafted ...tea. Bergamote and bitter aromas are really killing this one. All together not a beer I would ever taste again.

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