Dienstag, 12. Juli 2016


Style: IPA
Brewed: BraufactuM
Tested: Bottle, August 2015

I have seen it for the first time shortly after BraufactuM have started its production. On a first view – overall it was impressive – nice champagne bottle and the price qualifying it for the high-class beer.
Finally, last year, when I was leaving Germany for good, I have decided that I simply have to have that one (and there was already some good experience with other beers from BraufactuM).  
Shortly after, we have tested it together with my Bro – and here what came out – what a lame beer.
Yes, there are some aromas of fruits, bit of honey and some leftovers of hops, but everything is so diluted, that the overall effect is closer to drinking water, than to drinking a high-class IPA.
13 Euro for a 0.75? Not even a fancy bottle can judge this price.
That beer should be labeled Close IPA – just to indicate that its bottles were stored close to some decent India Pale Ale.

Progusta is clearly on of the most disappointing beers I have ever had in my life. Honestly, if you are at all interested in the new wave of beer, just skip that one.

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