Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2016

Old Rasputin

Style: Imperial Stout
Brewed: North Coast Brewing
Tested: started in Ferbuary this year, I do not plan to stop...

Hanover is a small town close to Boston. It is mostly known for its college and I was not expecting to find a great beer there.
First surprise was, that Hannover has a high-class restaurant (Pine at Hanover Inn, Chef Daine is doing a great job there. Food is really very tasty and served in the making-your-eyes-happy way. On top, Pine proposes a very decent selection of beers. Since, I was having some gastric problems on that day, I have decided to try the Old Rasputin…*

The beer is black as night (or the soul of Rasputin) and has a beautiful, brown compact head that seems to be living its own life. Most prominent taste is the highly roasted malt and dark chocolate. Old Rasputin is very aromatic and a bit bitter at the end. All together: an extraordinary imperial stout.

But, luckily for me the story with the Old Rasputin continues. I have managed to get two bottles of it later in California – and they were as good as the firs try. Moreover, with some effort you can get this stout in Europe, and its still Great.
Amazing job Nothcoast Brewing! I promise, I will always have a bottle or two in stock, just in case I need to heal my body or soul (or just to drink an excellent beer).

Additional note: In Europe you should be able to get Old Rasputin from the Firma Beer ( Once, I have also spotted Old Rasputin in Ebrowarium (, so probably they are able to get more. Trust me, this stout is worth every penny you have to invest in it!

* Rasputin was a holly man/healer/magician at the court of the Russian Tsars.

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