Montag, 8. August 2016

Flaszen Jasne Ale, Ale


Style: Ale
Brewed: Browar Jana
Tested: Bottle, July 2016

Recently, I had one thought – it seems to me that people drinking beer are being artificially divided into craft- and concern-beer drinkers. Some internet gurus are claimining that beer geeks are not allowed to get excited about new concern beer (real case when Zywiec Brewery made an AIPA).

It is all nonsense for me. Beer is beer and you can drink what you want. But, you may find yourself in the situation where all your friends claim to be beer geeks and will not tolerate/make jokes of you drinking Lech, Tyskie or Becks. You have two options – stay stubborn and do your thing, or try something else. Both hard.
I have a feeling that Jasne Ale was made to joining two words, not-filtered, bitter enough to close mouths of all the geeks; but also not too bitter, so that almost everybody can drink it. On top – not too much CO2 and some citrus aroma. Nice.

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