Dienstag, 16. August 2016

Zachod nad Wigrami, hibiscus wheat


Style: Wheat Ale
Brewed: Browar Słodowy Dwór, Poland
Tested: Bottle, July 2016

As mentioned before (in one of my posts), Polish craft likes to experiment with the taste. Every month we are enjoying a few beers that can be called experimental. Different type of plants, herbs, spices tend to be added and the effects are as various as the additives (and I am willing to try as lon as they do not make beer with belladonna)…

Sometimes it is interesting, sometimes its nice and sometimes you are getting Zachod nad Wigrami (Sunset at the Wigry lake). In fact, since this blog is about the beer I need to stop writing at this moment. There is no beer, only hibiscus.

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