Samstag, 20. August 2016

Kawko i Mlekosz, Oatmeal Stout


Style: Oatmeal Stout
Brewed: PiwoWarownia
Tested: Bottle, August 2016

I usually do not give up easily. This was the reason why I have given PiwoWarownia another try. Two first were a fail in my eyes (or rather taste buds). Can Kawko i Mlekosz turn the tide?
Short explanation to non-Polish readers – the name of the beer is a double charade and refers to the two facts:
1.     Kajko i Kokosz – two famous Polish comic characters – something like Slavic Asterix and Obelix (you can even see the shapes of their heads in the letters on the beer cover)
2.     It refers to the type of the beer – Kawko is coming from Coffee and Mlekosz directly from Milk. So it’s a Coffee Stout

Sadly, the name is the best invention PiwoWarownia had in this beer. This is supposed to be coffee milk stout with vanilla addition. Unfortunately, the whole thing is so watery that all the aromas are very, very hard to detect. Since it’s coffee milk stout I will give try to give it a note by a comparison many of you will understand.

Imagine yourself hot, aromatic vanilla macchiato prepared from freshly grinded beans by a barista in the cafeteria somewhere in Italy (or at least at McCafee or Starbucks)? Lovely, isn’t it?

Well, Kawko i Mlekosz is cold all-in-the-bag Nescafe + conditioner prepared on the scout camp. It is drinkable, but certainly no pleasure.

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