Dienstag, 30. August 2016

Grätzhainer, Grodziskie-Lichtenhainer hybrid


Style: Grodziskie-Lichtenhainer hybrid
Brewed: Freigeist & Kingpin
Tested: Bottle, August 2016

What I like about this beer is the collaboration spirit between Polish brewery (Kingpin) and German brewer (Freigeist Bierkultur). What I really appreciate is that the collaboration aims in combining two original (and almost forgotten beer styles: German Lichtenhainer and Polish Grätzer/Grodziskie. What two styles have in common is the use of smoked ingredients and this clearly worked well in Grätzheiner.
What you already can appreciate on the photo is beautiful golden color of the beer. Also visible lack of head. In fact, Grätzheiner is very little carbonated (too little for my taste). Smoked components are clearly dominating both aroma and taste, sour is almost undetectable.

This is the sheer characterization of the beer. From now on I was having a problem – what to write to not harm the interesting beer.


I generally do not like smoked beers, and that one was not an exception. So if you know that smoked beer is not your cup of tea – stay away.

However, if you like smoked beers (and some people do) it’s a MUST. If you are not shy of trying interesting bier it is also a must – certainly one of the most interesting beers on the market.

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