Donnerstag, 18. August 2016

Gosebuster, salted caramel dark gose


Style: gose
Brewed: Browar Kingpin/Freigeist Bierkultur
Tested: Bottle,  17 August 2016

I think that I have to start with some explanation here. Gose is a type of rather sour, light wheat beer that originates from Goslar in Germany (lower Saxony). Even if not very popular around the world, this style is very traditional and beloved in some regions (Lepizig). Thinking about similarities – Polish Grodziskie or German Berliner Weisse would be close enough.
Wheat? Should it be dark – one could ask? In fact it shouldn’t, but as mentioned over and over – we have an experimentation year. Plus, I strongly think that it is important to cultivate and preserve traditional European beer styles. The power of craft is the power of finding a beer style that you like (if everybody just brews IPA it would be boring)*.

Enough talking. How is the Gosebuster? Amazing. It pours dark brown/orange. Is not too strong carbonated (I had to make some efforts to obtain the head you see on the picture). Aroma is sour and caramel. Surprisingly, I do not taste caramel, overall taste is mild sour and flowery. Salt provides an excellent finish, in fact where in some American style beers you have a bitter after taste, here you have a salty aftertaste. All added together, Gosebuster may be the most refreshing drink I know. Certainly the experiment that went well. It is a bloody good beer and really worth trying.

* just one more thing that convince me – look at the notes that beer gets on Ratebeer. People are very well characterizing this beer (sour etc.) and then they say that it is not their case. Bang! 2 points out of 5! So the excellent gose has a low score for being a gose (and the average score for gose-type beers is very low as well). Just sad.

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