Montag, 29. August 2016



Style: Saison
Brewed: Browar Szałpiw
Tested: few bottles, 2016

I know, I was supposed to review my own beer a week ago, but there is a long list of excellent beers waiting for their chance. Some of them need to be reviewed now, because they are something you would like to during summer.

The candidate number one is Petronelka from Szałpiw Brewery. This may also beer the first Szałpiw beer reported here. Again, for the ones interested in trying Polish Craft – Ebrowarium will deliver it all around the Europe (*.

For a short explanation – Petronelka is an old fashioned, local word for a ladybug. Now at least everybody will understand the cover. What is special is that it was Brewed with the addition of the juniper. And it is not a joke – strong, herbal juniper aroma is clear after opening the bottle. The beer pours to a cloudy, amber colored drink with a very small head.
What is extraordinary is the taste – Juniper gave Petronelka this very specific mix of herbal bitterness, aroma and flavor that is not only unique, but really tasty. Overall effect is very satisfactory and refreshing. In fact I was so impressed by the effects of Juniper that I have added it to my newest beer (keen to see the effects in a month or two)**.

Just to finish, a small poem in Polish that is added on the label of Petronelka. Seem to be the local GWARA of the region where the Szałpiw Brewery comes from. Yes, I like it and I hardly understand what is it about.

“Madaiczna petronelka na ogiglu hyczki dylała,
chciała dać szpulę na listek, ale się w glajdę wtośtała.
Czerwone manto i te siedem centek całe umurzyła,
miałać cheba myk-myk, że sie cołki dzień tak pindraczyła.
Na mszyce co obok na mercie se siedły, strasznie sie wnerwiła,
giskaną się opłechtała i dla szportu nydze przyzoliła.
Jak z kanony i knary im zrobie szczylanie,
 to z tych chorobnych mszyc ino smark i woda zostanie.”

* No, I do not get money from them. I solely like the flexibility and the fact that they are willing to take a risk to send around the Europe.

** It is a pity that the guys from Szałpiw seems to be too busy to answer the question about the Juniper content in the beer…

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