Montag, 15. August 2016

Pozegnanie Korporacji, Imperial Stout


Style: Imperial Stout
Brewed: PiwoWarownia
Tested: Bottle, August 2016

The name of the beer is Pozegnanie Korporacji (Farewel to the Corporation). Based on what I have tested this might have been a very traumatic process for one of people involved in the brewing process. As it seems saying farewell to the corpo is connected to a lot of alcohol at every stage: mostly alcoholic aroma, alcoholic taste and alcoholic aftertaste. Being friendly one could notice a very delicate aroma of coffee and chocolate, but honestly – alcohol takes it all. Horrible case of a one-sided beer with no balance. If you never had an Imperial Stout before, don’t even go for that one – probably your last IS you ever had.

To be honest - there is one interesting thing about this beer - Its color (see photo). Its black, with this particular way that seems to be not reflecting light. In the glass it looks like it would be a stealth beer, or similar to the black color some tuned cars hav. Very interesting to see. Still not enough to buy a bottle.

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