Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2017

MIŚ WOJTEK (Wojtek the Bear) - Red Ale with honey-macerated oak

Red ale with honey-macerated oak
Browar Wrężel, Poland

Story of Wojtek, per a Wikipedia:
Wojtek (Polish name) was a young bear adopted by Polish soldiers evacuated from the Soviet Union’s territory in 1942. He has not only become a pet-mascot of the Polish Corps, but was also very helpful in in transport and capable of moving the cases of ammunition. He was officially enlisted as soldier and has reached the rank of corporal. He has served during the Battle of Mote Cassino (Italy, 1944).
Hats off.
If you look deeply enough, Wojtek loved beer.
Therefore, I think that a good beer would be a worthy tribute to a brave bear. And if you add the fact that bears love honey – the option chosen by Wrężel seems almost perfect.

And everything fits. Nice aroma of honey, caramel and vanilla. Deep dark amber color. Low to medium carbonation. Clear honey-caramel in the taste, oak aroma is very delicate, just adding to a complexity of the flavor. Not very bitter, which makes it approachable to a broader publicity. Very interesting, very nice.

A worthy tribute, indeed.

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