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Gollem's Swedish Beerweekend

Swedish Beer Weekend…

Swedish what?

I have dived deeply in the depths of my brain and started digging out the info about Sweden I have.

  • IKEA – yes, at least in Belgium they sell beer. If I remember it correctly, it is lager type piece of junk. OK, if they will serve the IKEA beer, it is over.
  • Food. I may not know any typical Swedish food, but I know Food Emperor and Regular Ordinary Swedish Time channels on you tube. First one swears in Polish, other boys are crazy like a fox. I have never tried to cook per their recipes (even if I would love to the axe thing), but they may prompt to a certain “craziness” of Swedes.
  • Systembolaget (try to pronounce this) – a government network of shops that sell alcohol. Regular shops are not allowed to sell anything above 3.5% of alcohol (stronger mineral water).
  • Vodka Absolut – must be one the biggest hits of the Swedish export
  • Beer… well call me ignorant, but, except for the point 1 I have never had a beer from Sweden before.

Time to change that. If there is craft beer enough to make an event around it, it is worth trying.

The trips took us to Antwerp, beautiful city in the north of Belgium. As I could find out Gollem is one of the local experts specialized in the craft beer and the events. Perfect localization – close to the main market of the town. Great atmosphere. No smoking inside. Reservation system online. A set of food, mostly burgers that fit the beer and pocket (of average Belgian, do not count on McDonalds prices). This all looks very good.
On contrary, the prices of the Swedish beer were outrageous. But, after a short check online I have realized that it’s very comparable to what the Swedes want their craft beers… 

List of the beers is very long.
Drawings on the blackboards may not be everybodys case, but I like them.

Still, they have served beer and have burgers so it OK. Seeing the information about Swedish beers served (especially alcohol content) I have decided to a mixed type of the event – 2 beers in the bar and 2 to take home (they were having a neat mix of tap and bottle/can event). From the perspective, this was a great choice (and the only one that allows you to keep a memory of the day).


Blueberry Cheesecake Stout

Omnipollo / Dugges (Sweden), Imperial Stout

Incredible beer, no doubt. Black, almost no head and the ass-kicking aroma of blueberries, vanilla and cheesecake. There is some alcohol on top, but not disturbing. But the taste, the taste is like drinking an intense cheesecake dissolved in dark, strong beer. Awesome. On the bad side – it has 12% of alcohol and you can feel it in some sips. Still it may well be the best aromatic stout I have ever had in my life. AMAZING stuff.

One comment Omnipollo is a gypsy brewery (if I get it correctly). So, for all criticizing this type of brewers – get an Anagram and shut up.

Noa Pecan Mud Cake

Omnipollo (Sweden), Imperial Stout

This beer looks great. With its pitch black body and amazing, stiff beige head is a wet dream of any dark beer lover. The aroma of pecan nuts and fudge is absolutely crazy. Minus points go to the taste. Pecans, fudge, vanilla and some roasted notes are clearly there, but this time the high alcohol content is not as well balanced as in the previous one. Alcohol comes in front and takes over most of the feeling. Still very good beer, but the previous ne was significantly better. 

Hip Hops #49

Beerbliotek (Sweden), IPA

Lightly, hazy orange IPA. Very grassy in aroma and taste. Clear tropical fruits. Combined with a rather medium bitterness and a bit too much carbonation this looks like a perfect interpretation of the IPA style for the younger people. Easy to drink, IPA enough. Still, there are a lot of better IPAs on the market. 

Tropic Thunder

Dugges (Sweden), Sour ale

Looks to me like people in Sweden are very extreme in many their tasks. Tropic Thunder as a name is appropriate to this one. A blast of mango, papaya and any tropical fruits you can imagine, connected with acceptable sour taste it’s one of the most refreshing beers I have ever had. If not the alcohol, this would be the best thing to satisfy the thirst on the summer days. Another great beer from Sweden. 

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  1. Head over to Gothenburg and see what's going on here with our 20 breweries. Especially during the Gothenburg Beer Week 2017 ( 17-25 March. And I'll show you the brewery. Cheers / darryl from Beerbliotek.

    1. Hi Darryl. Sounds great. I will consider it. Can you suggest any good places to stay?