Freitag, 6. Januar 2017

La brasserie artisanale de Nice - Calena

Calena (edition 2016)
chocolate milk stout

Honestly, I was eagerly waiting to try this one. When I have received a bottle of this beer from Oliver at the end of November, it was still not ready to go. At least 3 weeks. I have patiently waited 5. And here we go.

For the introduction - Calena (edition 2016) is a chocolate milk stout made by the only craft brewery in Nice. Because of the non-beer area, the owner and master brewer of the company produces beers that are more acceptable for the masses. In fact, Calena perfectly fits in this picture.

After opening there is delicate aroma of dark chocolate. A plus for the chocolate part of the stout. When drinking, there is a clear, delicate caramel and chocolate coming out in the flavor. Not too heavy, but pleasant. The overall feeling for people used to Imperial Stouts could be a little disappointing in the beginning, because Calena has rather low to medium body and is a bit watery. But it does not mean it is not a good stout.

Let’s not be picky, it’s a beer made for people who normally drink light lager style. If you give them RIS – they will just pour it to the sink. I can easily understand that Calena contains as much stout in stout as it is possible in the hard situation Oliver is. Therefore, very positive beer. Well done again.

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