Sonntag, 1. Januar 2017

Happy New 2017 Year

Dear Readers

Happy New Year!

I wish you (and me) that you always have a problem of choice when it comes to what beer to drink. I also have special wishes to my readers from various countries:

  • -     For all the readers from countries, that haven’t discovered the beer (r)-evolution yet – I wish you that the new wave reaches your country;
  • -     For readers from Germany – I wish you a sudden death of the German Beer Law, it’s the main thing that binds the hands and imaginations of your brewers;
  • -       For Belgians – I wish you that the new year brings the realization that the beer styles does not end with triple, double, and blonde (to simplify). There is a world to discover, and please realize that Belgian IPA is evil;
  • -    For all the readers from Poland, USA and Holland – I wish you that the amount of accessible beer starts to be reasonable (number of new beers in Poland debuting in 2016 was around 300), so that you can try all that are interesting.

And for all of us – I wish you a healthy liver and well developed taste buds.
Don’t overdo it!

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