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Swerd i Fjell - Triple IPA from Lervig

Lervig (Sweden), Triple IPA

First of all, let me introduce to all the beer lovers a new craft beer shop/bar in Aachen -Hopfen + Malz (; but better info is provided on Facebook). They have a serious selection of craft beer from Germany and other countries (even if they haven’t found any German Barley Wine in stock). You can buy beer from the tap and drink it on site. You can also organize a close society party there and get a course on bee brewing.

No I didn’t get any money for that. I like the place.

Especially, that thy have their own Growler Station and you can take home any beer they have on tap. In very good shape.

Triple IPA from Lervig was such a take home message. A message in the bottle (very romantic).
Sverd i Fjell is very unusual beer. It is not the first Triple IPA I have ever had, but the first one that reminds me of something. In Heidelberg, there is Vetter brewery, famous of its ridiculously strong (Guiness world record 1994). When I was trying this beer, maybe 12 years ago, I didn’t like it. Not because it was strong, but because it was like drinking beer concentrate. Thick, almost oily and alcoholic.
Some of that applies to Sverd i Fjell. Beautiful amber in color, low carbonated, very nice aroma of citrus fruits; orange and some pine. In taste its mostly alcoholic with some heavy sweet tropical fruits and moderate bitter. But the most striking similarity to the German brew is this oily consistency, you can feel on your tongue when trying this beer. Not very bad, but unusual and awkward (some people found it disgusting).
If you can go over it, Sverd i Flell is not bad Triple IPA; even rather good, but far from putting you down on your knees.

After drinking this one – I was wondering about the beer style. The name Triple IPA is illogical to me. India pale Ale – IPA is a kind of “double” pale ale (or maybe Imperial version). Logically, TRIPLE IPA should be a 6x version of Pale Ale (use knife and fork to eat it). Looking on the alcohol and extract nothing points to a 6x stronger pale ale. Shouldn’t this beer be called Triple Pale Ale (TPA) instead?

Just correct me if I am wrong...

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