Freitag, 20. Januar 2017

Oak Aged Weizenbock from Camba


For a start, I believe that it is important to make sense out of complicated, name of this beer.

Camba - German beer lovers will know this Bavarian brewery. Beer lovers from outside should fill the gaps in the knowledge.

Oak Aged and Johanniskreuz are somehow together – Johanniskreuz is a series of wine barrels, made from the German oak and produced by Wilhelm Eder (feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

Bock is a strong lager beer, starting its history in Germany. Whereas lagers are pretty boring, bocks can be reasonably entertaining, even for more advanced beer lovers.

Still, I was expressing already my concern about putting the light types of beer in the barrels. Barrel aging is very serious process add the taste change should not be underestimated. Oak aging a lager is like oak aging tap water, can bock-type beer do better.

Yes and no.

No, because drinking this beer from Camba, you would never realize it’s a bock. There is nothing left from the taste of the beer. Like, nothing-nothing.
Yes, because the end effect is very interesting. In a positive way. Oak aging made the aroma and the taste to go in the direction of sour beer. Fresh, fruity (quince), pleasantly carbonated, so that it tickles the tongue. Very drinkable. Could be the first oak aged beer that I would suggest to drink on hot days.

Your overall perception of this beer is dependent on your expectations - if you look for a classical heavy, oak aged, complicated aroma beer. Well, it is not there.
If you can accept the fact that unexpected can be tasty and entertaining – go for the new Camba.

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