Freitag, 30. Dezember 2016

GING'S - a triple with gingko...

GING'S Le Triple

What is your connection to gingko?

For me gingko tree was the most interesting tree in the Oliva Park. With its very characteristic leaves it was always an important part of my visit there.

Gingko as food?

Not really. I know that gingko is used in traditional medicine for improvement of thinking. But nothing more. I don’t think that I have ever tried anything with gingko in my life.

Therefore, before trying the beer with gingko I was a tabula rasa.

I wish I would stay that way.

Took me two days to find a description that fits here. Imagine autumn. Leaves are on the street. A lot of leaves. City service is sometimes moving them on one side of the sidewalk. It is wet, leaves get fermented and have a very characteristic, strong floral aroma. Pour a strong beer on it and there it goes.
But, there is an open possibility that you may love this beer. If gingko is your favorite taste this beer may be your dream.

To be fair – this triple got the third place in the Brussels Beer Challenge in 2014. 

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