Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2016

Crazy B-day special – Brasserie Lion #8

Fine blonde

B-day of your wife. What do normal people prepare? Flowers? Presents? Bottle of champagne? Probably.

What does the beer geek prepare? A beer made with the use of champagne yeast. And I mean it.

Brasserie Lion #8 is one of the experimental beers prepared with the use of the barley malt and champagne yeast. Even if ignored by many, yeast can change a lot in the beer (see one of the previous posts on H41 lager from Heineken). My major question before trying #8 was – can they change beer into champagne. Honestly – they kind of can. Already the aroma and a first sip clearly state – I am not a typical boring blonde. Fresh, lemon-citrus aroma. Malt, spices, cloves and some hoppy notes in the taste. But, what is even more important, the overall feeling is sparkling-wine (champagne?) like. Very interesting, very complex and good experience. Another proof that nobody needs (the overpriced) champagne to be happy, beer is simply better.

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