Dienstag, 21. Februar 2017

Mike Hess Brewing - SOLIS (IPA)

Writing this blog for a while, I have realized that its harder and harder to write about a beer. Why? Here is the list:
1.   There is a limited list of words describing the aroma of any beer. Even if the list is very long, after tasting more than a 1000 beers you have seen it all (or close). Conclusion – it is boring at some point.
2.   I think that it is boring for readers to go over the same type of text over and over again.
3.   My conclusion – no satisfaction on both sides.

I have decided that the blog will slowly move in the direction of beer events and stories. Beer descriptions will be shorter, unless there is something that knocked me on my knees.




It’s a canonical example of aromatic, bitter (80 IBU) California IPA. Really good IPA with medium carbonation and light body. Grass and tropical fruits aromas. You are doing nothing wrong to go for this one.

What is special is the can it is being sold in.
Few words here. Beer in the can has a bad fame. Cheap beers are poured in the can. Cans give metallic aftertaste and destroy the beer. Horrible.

None of this is true nowadays. In fact, modern cans do not leave the aftertaste and beer in a can is better protected from the direct sunlight. If not overheated, there is really no reason why would the canned beer be worse that the one from bottle. To prove that – even the craft legend like Brewdog pours its beers in the cans on the regular basis.

Disclaimer about Germany – there is an additional point for NOT buying canned beer in Germany and most of the Scandinavian countries. In their environment protection rush these countries introduced container deposit on aluminum cans. It is 25 cents in Germany + a not-very-appealing necessity to wait in line again (or search for the automated system) to get rid of your can.

For me personal the biggest problem is the small, stupid, triangular opening of the can. I just hate to drink through it. And, no, I don’t buy canned beer to drink it from the glass (normally).

I am happy to see that the owners of the Mike Hess Brewery think along the same lines – they are using cans with humongous round opening (no sharp edges). They call it “Open Mike” and it is brilliant. Full aroma experience. Just fun. 

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