Montag, 27. Februar 2017

Sweet Baby Jesus vs. Dirty Little Freak

Sweet Baby Jesus what a Dirty Little Freak…

DuClaw Brewing (USA)

Yes, I always wanted to start a post like that. Or at least from the moment I have seen these two beers. Even if Sweet Baby Jesus is porter style beer and Dirty Little Freak is a brown ale, they do have a lot in common. Both are heavy aromatic versions of their styles, both are brewed by the same brewery and both have crazy names.

For me a clear VERSUS situation.


Sweet Baby Jesus points with its jet-black color and tan head; Dirty Little Freak is bit behind being more red-brown and head that disappears quickly.


Really crazy in both cases, SBJ smells with dark chocolate, brutal peanut butter and coffee; DLF is more coconut and caramel with a hint of chocolate.


In both cases, everything you can smell before, is also in the taste.
SBJ is peanut buttery and coffee plus some chocolate, definite peanut butter aftertaste;
DLF has clear coconut, and aromas of roasted coffee and some dark chocolate.
Where SBJ scores is the is balance – all the aromas are nicely finished with some bitter hops. Sadly, DLF has nothing to offer here.


Both beers are pretty gimmicky and certainly not every day beer (once per week;). Whereas both are interesting and keep the promises between names and taste, Sweet Baby Jesus wins for being a bit more beer than interesting experiment only.

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