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Sea Dog Brewing - Orlando branch

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Sea Dog Brewing Company Orlando Florida

8496 Palm Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32836, USA

Sea Dog Brewing Company is all American network of brewpubs. With 8 locations, all over the USA it at least gets a chance that a visitor may stumble upon on of their brewpubs. The one I have visited in Orlando is located a bit far from the downtown. Depending on the traffic 30-40 minutes. This is a bad side. On the good side, it’s just 10 minutes’ drive from the biggest congress center of Orlando and very close to some of the Disney attractions. So, if you go to Orlando for a congress or visit one of the theme parks, there is a good chance that Sea Dog is within your reach.

And it is worth to.

Located in a touristy strip mall, Sea Dog Orlando offers you a variety of food including burgers, but also salads and seafood, placing it above the usual pub grub. We went there in a small company, and the only point of criticism were fries. People from all around the world enjoyed the food, which is a 
                                                                          good sign.

Service was good, professional, fast and not disturbing the conversation. The place seems to be family friendly, and many folks were there with their kids.

The moment I went there they have offered 18 beers on Tap. All their made. One could complain about a lack of other beers, but then, on the other hand, when I go to visit a brewing company, I don’t really care to try visitor’s beer.
Professional enough they offer sampler sizes of their beers (always in sets of four).
One thing that I have noted looking up their beers ratebeer - for me it seems that they are vastly underrated. It is not like they brew the best beer in the world, but with an average score of approx. 3 (from all their beers) they are a bit behind of what they are worth. Maybe a general point of criticism is that most of the beers were a bit over the top - when they say maple stout they mean it. Still, I strongly believe that even if you are a beer geek and have tried some of the best beers in the world, you will be pleasantly surprised by going to Sea Dog Orlando.

Sampler #1

Sea Dog Blueberry Ale

Aroma and flavor of sweet blueberries and pie, lemongrass on top. Almost sweet, no hops at all. Bit sweet overall. Medium carbonated. Quite original, I like it.

Mango IPA

There is a clear mango in both aroma and flavor. It is also bitter on top, not too bitter but clear. It is still missing something in between. Would profit from some aroma hops, or heavier malt. It is not bad, but a bit one-sided.

Island Time IPA

Nice IPA for everybody, bitter enough to convince IBU-freaks and aromatic enough to make almost everybody happy. Bit too much CO2. Very drinkable one.

Hazelnut porter

This one rules. Roasted malt and hazelnut aroma, bit dark fruits and coffee in taste. Body is light and enough earthy hops to make my day. Not too sweet, not too bitter, very aromatic. Both thumbs up.

Sampler #2

Deep blue

Another light IPA, this time more malty than hoppy. Not great, but will do no harm to anybody.


IPA with habaneros? I am in. Maybe I would add more hops, so that its getting more spicy-aromatic-bitter. Instead its only spicy-bitter. Very interesting beer, but one of the hottest beers I have ever tried.

Maple Bacon Stout

Weakest one I have tried here. Maple is clearly present, but where is the smoked bacon. There are some aromas of roasted malt. But bacon? Sorry, no.

Gilbert’s Chocolate Milk Stout

It should be called Chocolate-Strawberries milk stout. And it should be called a good one. Some people may not like it because of its strong fruity nature, but I just loved it.

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