Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2017

Beer Revolution in a plane - Sweet Water Extra Pale Ale

There is no beer revolution. Yes, I know this sounds provocative, and like shooting in my own foot. And, yes, I would like that the beer revolution happens.

But, there is no beer revolution.

Revolution changes the world. In the case of beer, the least what should happen is that majority of people stop drinking weak concern lagers and decide to start buying craft only. See any of the market analysis. Large concerns have the lion share. They control all mass events, sport, music concerts etc.
This is happening even in countries with very, very powerful craft scene and humongous number of breweries.

USA (4000 craft brewers) -Super bowl is controlled by Anheuser-Bush.
Belgium (180 craft breweries and beer culture on the UNESCO list) – all bigger events and football league sponsored by Juliper (concern pils).
Germany – high level beer culture (approx. 200 breweries). All sport events controlled by big players.
Poland – one of the raising starts of the beer revolution – Zywiec and Tyskie (in all flavors) take most (if not all) events.

I will stop right here. The fact is that I am sensitive to any signs of craft beer getting to a mass market. It is because I was more than pleased to see that Delta is serving craft beer on their trans-Atlantic flights:

Sweet Water Brewing Company – Extra Pale Ale.

With all the honesty, I can say that it’s the best beer I have ever had in the plane;). On top its very decent pale ale, aromatic, hoppy well balanced and bitter enough to satisfy me. Good job both Sweet Water and Delta!

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