Montag, 17. Oktober 2016

Mons Biere Festival, 15-16 October 2016, Mons, Belgium (Part 2)


Yes, I am fully aware that this is a beer shop, not a brewery. Still, I think that this guy and his shop in La Louviere is incredibly important to a craft scene in the area. Most of the shops and supermarkets will exclusively concentrate on Belgian beer here. Per se, selling Belgian beer is not bad, but it is important to open the eyes of people to the fact that Belgium is not the only country where an excellent beer is made. Keep doing David.


Again very interesting beer from France. As far as I got it its brewed with the use of red pepper. The aroma is indeed of pepper and berries. There is clear pepper in the taste, but overall it is surprisingly not hot or even spicy, probably because its balanced with malty and caramel notes. Very interesting to try.


Finally, on a Belgian beer event I was able to try Belgian beer, and not the ordinary one. I have rarely had a Violet in my life and never ever had a Violet from Belgium. Double lucky – Scassenes just finished bottling of this beer (one week ago) and we were really one of the first people in Belgium to try this. As a cherry on top – their brewer was really interested to talk to us and told the story of the beer.
Violets are a type of ales are known for their incredible, almost artificial aroma – no wonder about it, since the name comes from strong scent flowers used in the process. Scassenes Violette is no different, violet aroma really kicks ass. Taste is sweet violet with some fruity notes, there is a small bitter finish testable after third or fourth sip. The guy from the brewery told us that he was not convinced to do the Violette. I am really glad you got yourself convinced. It is an excellent beer. This may be not every man´s case, but I promise, that you will make every woman happy with that one. It is like a blast of flavor. Amazing.
Finally, thanks folks for selling me one bottle.


Beer with calvados – can this ever work. it is the question. Especially,  that I have never had a calvados before. Even more – I was open to anything and was not disappointed. Calvados is distilled from apples and Embuscade certainly tastes like apples and a bit of beer. Again, I wouldn’t dare to call it a beer, but was interesting to try.

And finally, some photos of the other interesting stands and brewers. Some of theme very uniquoe (Ourouboros). I have also brought some gimmicks and will be doing quite a lot of beer tasting in the next months.

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