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Modeste Bier Festival, Antwerp, 2016 (Part 1)

Modeste Bier Festival is organized by the Antwerps BierCollege, in collaboration with the Duvel- Mootgat brewery. I was a little bit reluctant to try another Belgian beer festival. After being last year in the Belgian Brewers Weekend I was kind of expecting another useless and pompous gathering of beers that you can buy in the supermarket. Still, since a college and brewery were organizing the event, I was hoping for better. Indeed – it is completely different atmosphere – interesting location, reasonable amount of beers to try, enough time to chit-chat with brewers. On top, it was very reasonably priced event (free entry, any beer glass 1 Euro)

I really enjoyed it and will surely be back next year.

Below a selection of beers from the festival...


For me this IPA is a serious proof for two things:
1.     even Belgian brewers can brew proper IPA (if the try really hard);
2.     Belgian beer lovers appreciate to get something different than usual.

What is clearly visible on the photo is that Modeste IPA2016 is rather unclear with small white head. Intensive citrus aroma. Intense taste of citrus and hop bitterness. I certainly know some better IPAs, but its already at a level where you can be proud of the beer. Of note – it was voted the best beer of the festival!


Very typical example of Belgian Christmas Beer. Pours clear dark brown with a head on top. Aroma mostly chocolate with a hint of licorice, maybe nuts. Taste – strong yeast, dark fruits, nuts and caramel. Very nice example of Christmas beers, I would probably appreciate it much more on cold winter day.


After my previous confrontation with their stout Aristophanes, I was expecting to be able to write some sarcastic comment about trying a style you don’t understand. 

Shame on my head. 

In fact, this white IPA was for me a discovery of the show. Nice in color, strong aroma of fruity hops. Creamy body with a nicely balanced notes of malt and hops. Could be a tick more bitter. If I can add one real point of critics – I am quite convinced that this one could still maturate for a few weeks (and then would kick ass of the shows winner).
My respect Du Brabant


In this case:

IPS = Irrational Perverted Abomination

It is just not IPA. No aroma, no taste. Bad.


It was really a Maximo effort to try that one. Brewers were having real problem with their dispenser and after changing the barrel, there was mostly foam produced. Still, waiting patiently I was able to get my share of this black gold.

Honestly – for me probably even better than Stouterix. Which makes it best Belgian stout in my eyes. Dark clean beer smelling and tasting of malt, dark chocolate and licorice. Heavy head on the photo is likely to be a technical problem as Maximo itself is rather moderately carbonated. Excellent stout!


According to the brewery it’s a blonde beer made with the oatmeal. Maybe. For me it is rather average blonde beer. Creamy, smelling and tasting like any other blonde that I know. Not better, not worse.  


Little owl (if I properly translate the name of the beer) is another typical case of Belgian ale on this fest. For me, much more drinkable than the PW special. Mostly malt and yeast. Acceptable carbonation. It is worth trying if you can get it.

PART 2 is coming soon

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