Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2016

Modeste Takeaway - Blond Ale Aged in Cider Barrels, Hof Ten Dormaal

(edition 2016)

After seeing that beer during the Modeste Festival, we simply couldn’t resist. I love beer experiments and my wife loves ciders. Can you mix the two worlds?

The result of the experiment smells like a proper good cider, strong aroma of green apples, light flower notes. Interestingly it pours like the barrel aging would fully deplete the CO2 content, almost like a tap water. Rather foggy, unfiltered, but the color is really nice, yellow to light amber. What is really strikes is that the taste is on the cider side. If I would taste it blindly, I would certainly decide it is a very high quality cider. Hints on yeast aroma are almost undetectable, the fact that this brew can have any hop-related bitterness is very well hidden as well.

At this moment I need to sat, that the outcome of cider barrel aging is not exactly a surprise for me. In my personal opinion, blonde is one of the most boring and tasteless types of beer. It has almost no aroma and a very low taste, if fact it’s a lager equivalent of top fermented beers. I really mean it. If you look on the beer market – people are barrel aging strong, aromatic beers (with some exceptions like the Schell’s Stage series) and there is a reason why the do that. Do you barrel age your mineral water?

On the other, more positive side – this is one of the most exciting ciders I have ever tried. Original, dry, something that really deserves to be served with a classy meal.

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