Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2016

Modeste Bier Festival, Antwerp, 2016 (Part 2) Photostory

Welcome to the second part of the Modeste report. Today a glimpse of what was there, and what will I taste in the future. Also some interesting beer-related projects that I have seen there.

Brasserie Lion has offered a new beer made with champagne yeast. I am very curious to see how does this one taste. tasting session will follow soon.

Very elegant (even if a bit sterile) stand of Petrus. Their beers won so many prizes, that there will be a special report in the near future.

The whole HIP HOP palette. Since their Modeste IPA (see Part 1) was really good I really wanted to get all their beers. Sadly, they wouldn’t sell during the festival. Even more troublesome - they really deserve the name of micro-brewery - beer is sold locally in the close proximity of Antwerp. Brewery sells only on Saturdays between.... and so on. Getting their beer looks like the quest for the Holy Grail. I really hope, it will be worth the effort...

More beer

They will be mine someday...

Very interesting beer maturated in cider barrels. Well, one of these is now maturating in my basement and waiting for a review.

Here something where I cannot really decide whether it is cool or awkward. Jewelery made out of the beer crone corks. CrazyClage Recycled Jewelery is a quite a unique project. According to "CrazyClage is an obstinate jewellery design studio where upcycling holds a central position. We play with the endless combination possibilities between recycle materials, precious metals, gemstones and organic materials. The result is an exposing love play between old and new, undervalued and valued, inorganic and organic…This encounter has translated itself in a new generation of controversial, colourful and endless variable handmade jewelry. In short, CrazyClage stands for recycle design where we playful create jewelry with environmental awareness and with an eye for quality and durability.">>

BrewWear was definitely cool, even if the vast majority of stuff was black. Leather stuff they made is really of excellent quality. Check for more. Really nice...

And finally some food made on the beer basis. Dame Jeanne ( is an original belgian craft brewer, which specialises in the process called CHAMPAGNING. As the inventors write about their techonology:

"At Dame Jeanne we transform basic tasty Belgian beers into pearly bubbly brut beers, which charm both beer and wine lovers alike. We do this by “champagning” the basic beers completely in keeping with the "méthode traditionnelle". Thanks to a controlled refermentation in the bottle by way of manual riddling and traditional de-yeasting, we produce sparkling fizzy aperitif beers, which you can proudly serve on any occasion. For example, you can spoil your guests’ taste buds with a 100% natural, authentic and traditionally produced local product."

Moreover, they will produce different appetizers on the basis of beer. The littel jar of onions made wit an addition of stout was something I couldnt resist.

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