Freitag, 28. Oktober 2016

Bursztynowy Swierzop - Polish IPA

Bursztynowy Świerczop?

“Bursztynowy” is amber. But, what the f… is “świerzop”. Well, in fact nobody knows really. This word has been used by an iconic polish poet – Adam Mickiewicz in a description of a typical Polish landscape. Apparently it is still not clear which plant did he mean…
Still, the name is perfect to describe an IPA made in Poland based on polish hops. In fact, a lot of them Magnat, Marynka, Sybilla, Iunga, Perle. I may not be right but it is likely the widest variety of polish hops that I have ever seen in one beer.

And it works. Based on my previous experience with IPAs made on Polish hops I was expecting something closer to the original British IPA (rather flat and not very aromatic) than something made based on aromatic hops. Well, Świerzop is something in between. There are clear citrus and resin notes in both aroma and taste. Clear hoppy notes, but overall not too bitter. Overall it is a very drinkable beer. Really something that I could suggest to anybody not being IBU crazy and wanting to try something interesting.

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