Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016

Buraczana Piana, Sour beer


Brewed: Browar na Jurze
Style: sour beer/WTF
Tested: Bottle, September 2016

At least I was running in an interpretation problem here. Technically it’s a beer. Sour ale, lactobacillus is added, there are hops and so on. The truth is, no matter how I try it does not taste like one.

“Buraczana Piana” should be translated to “Beetrot Foam”. By itself, beetroot sour beer would be interesting, but the brewery has decided to improve the taste with some rhubarb and apple juice. The outcome is a best soft drink of summer, juicy to the extreme (it’s a few days and my saliva is still floating the moment I star to think about it). It is better than any Fanta, cola or Tymbark you can imagine. Seriously. No joke. Great thing. Not a beer.

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