Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2016

HopKins Desire, blackcurrant wheat ale


black currant wheat ale
brewed: Hopkins, Gdynia, Poland

In the effort of trying as many summer beers as possible (before the end of Indian summer), we have given a try to Desire from Hopkins (thanks to Browarium again). I was a bit reluctant, because until now, Hopkins taste was not exactly my cup of tea; still black currant is one of my favorite fruits and I was simply tempted to try. Even more, Hopkins is located in my home town, and I would really like to see the best beer being brewed in Gdynia!

First contact – aroma is clearly black currant with a hint of malt and caramel. Looks really great in the glass – beautiful orange amber, with rather weak and short lasting head. It really looks nice in the glass. Taste?

It is clearly sour, which is not a surprise giving the nature of black currant. What is killing my Desire to tis beer are the special British hops used. A combination of sour and bitter is really bad. In fact, it ends up with a blunt sour taste with blunt bitter finish. After this experience, I have decided to test this beer on my wife – who is a big fan of wheats and their derivatives. The outcome – out of 500 ml, approx. 300 went in the sink. Not drinkable. At all. Sorry.

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