Freitag, 13. Februar 2015

Zywiec Premium

Zywiec Premium

Style: Lager (close to Pils)
Brewed: Zywiec Brewery, Poland
Tested: Since over 15 years on the regular basis

This time polish beer, but even Germans (and people all around the world) can get on their way home. The chances that your favorite shop has it, are high. It is an important bier for me: many years ago, when the polish bier culture was not so strong, this was the only bier you could get and be sure of its quality! Nowadays I hear people saying - "aaaa, Zywiec, this commercial shit...". Its bullshit - for a company style Lager (which is a bit stronger Pils actually) this still is an excellent bier. If you can get one, go for it.

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