Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2015

The Brale

Style: Brown Ale
Brewed: Braufactum (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Tested: Bottle, since 2014 and still doing it

Piece of history (last year;). We were sitting down and having a nice Kellerbeer (really nice, no joke). Everybody was praising it. Then, we have decided to try The Brale. It was like the lightning strike. Awesome! Partially we felt ashamed to consider the beer before good.
Yes, The Brale is that good.
Sadly, the pricing is similar to to other beers sold by Braufactum (€7/l), but this time the economical argument does not apply - it´s the only brown ale you can buy in Germany (correct me if I´wrong).
So, no alternatives, we are all doomed. Pay, cry and enjoy!

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