Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

Westvleteren XII, Quadrupel

Westvleteren XII (12)

Style:       Belgian Trapist Beer
Brewed:  Westvleteren Brewery, Belgium
Tasted:    Bottle, X-mas 2012; Bottle, Bar in Toronto, 2013

Very specific beer - dark and tasting like anything I have tried before. Just to give you a comparison: I was siting at the table with some other beer drinkers. We had it and the first comment was: "its not a beer its a champagne". 
Since its considered to be the best beer in the world (eg. ratebeer.com), we might be wrong, but I think that I would never pay this kind of money for this beer again. Worth trying if you can get one (just to be able to show off).

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