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Its just another blog about beer you may say. Hey Beerlander, what gives you the right to write a blog about beer? Well, here is my background 

Q. What type of beer for you prefer?
A. A good one.

Q. Would you give better note to any type of beer?
A. Rather not, good beer is a good beer 

Q. Would you say craft beer is better that company beer?
A. I wouldn´t dare to say so, in many cases it is, but again that´s the question of taste

Q. Why do you think people will read your blog?
A. Because - I am the only one:)
    Seriously - the vast majority of other beer blogs are made for people who prefer craft 
    beer. In my blog you will find reasonable opinions on any beer I came in contact with. 

Q. Are you a professional beer taster?
A: No I´m not. I wont tell you whether the beer have a smell of hickory or wet dog fur. 
    What I will tell you is whether the beer tastes good and whether you may like it or not 
    (remember, you always decide for yourself).

Q. Is there any element of the beer you wont rate?
A. Yes. I wont rate "the bottle". I have seen many blogs (especially German ones - sorry 
    guys) who will make a big fuzz about the bottle or the sign the brewery uses. Sorry - 
    but who cares. Check these one out ( Ugly isnt it? But its one of the best beers I 
    ever had. So if you care about the label - I don´t care about your opinion on the 
    So simple.

Finally - let me present this small guy. Layout was designed by my son - Mateusz.
 I have decided to let him comment on any beer I have tried. 

I will probably add more Q&A later

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