Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

Dolden Sud

Style: IPA
Brewed: Riedenberger Brauhaus
Tested: Bottle, still getting it;)

Let´s be honest - German market is weird - anything but the Pils-type is priced as a luxury (with the average price of over €7/l). So what can you say if you accidentally stumble upon this one? IPA? In Germany? Priced at €4,5/l? Clear first idea - this must be a crap. Still at this price, this would be a shame not to try - and surprise, surprise - its really a good beer. It may not be the best IPA you ever had, some people may complain about the relative low bitter taste (IBU 55), but the truth is - if you are an IPA fan, there is now way over this beer (at least if you live in Germany). Additionally - let´s not forget - you may get this one in the BioMarkt (which is usually close to your local Rewe) - and this alone makes it 10x better accessible than any other IPA in Germany. Well done Riedenberger!

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