Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

Licher Pilsner, Pils

Licher Pilsner

Style: Pils
Brewed: Licher Privatbrauerei
Tasted: Several times from 2009 to 2015, bottles and from the tap

Now this one is not going to bring me friends. When I first came to Hessen, I wanted to try some local bier. The name Licher was on every bar, shop and sign you can imagine. So I got it. Big mistake. I would say, this could have been the worst beer I have tried in Germany. I have to admit, that I have tested this one on my guests from Canada, UK and Poland and nobody ever liked it! Years passed, and I was still avoiding this beer. But recently, in December I got a bottle and drank it. Surprise, surprise - it was acceptable! Not good, but at least the first sip didn´t make me to throw away the rest of the bottle. Somebody told me, that the company moved from one hands to another and the new owner is working on the whole production process. Possible. Still, almost any Pils on the market tastes better than this one. Avoid.

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