Montag, 12. September 2016

ROGUE VOODOO DOUGNUT, lemon, chiffon crueller ale

lemon, chiffon crueller ale

Brewed: Rogue Ales, USA
Tested: Bottle, September 2016
Style: Fruit Ale (?)
Where to get it in Europe: Beer Market,                                                 La Louvière

Ingredients: vanilla beans extract, lemon juice, marshmallow extract

Now this one is getting freaky. When I was looking on the label of that particular Voodoo Dougnut I was considering it to be a wet dream for grown up Hansels and Gretels…

In fact, Rogue made a lot of effort to go along that lines – cake ingredients, aggressive pink bottle. Wouldn’t Rogue stand for a brand for free of chemicals and additives beer, I could easily consider that one being a bottle of chemical waste.

The smell is exactly as the list of ingredients – lemon, vanilla, I could easily imagine I am smelling a cookie. Surprising for a beer, but not bad (but it is hard to believe that no artificial aromas were at work here).

Voodoo doughnut pours dull orange with fire, thin head. What's tasted in the glass is a crazy mix of sweet, citrus-spiked, cream and sugar with a delicate note of hops. Biscuit malt round the whole thing and gives it a cookie notes. To my surprise, as whole this mad mixture still tastes like a beer. It is the most desert, after dinner beer I have ever had in my life, but still a beer (not lemonade).  

I don’t think that you would be able to drink it every day, but I will keep a bottle or two in the basement. Just for fun and relax.

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