Dienstag, 27. September 2016

Brussels Beer Project Delta IPA


Brewed: Brussels Beer Project, Belgium
Tested: several bottles, 2015, 2016

One of the very few breweries in Belgium that has a (slight) idea how to make the new wave beers. Still it is an example, why Belgian brewing tradition does not work with the hoppy style of pale ales and IPAs.
Probably the overall note of this IPA would be 3 out of 5.
On plus – it is not too heavy carbonated and you can clearly get scent and aroma of hops (cascade?).
On minus, it is still way too yeasty (too many esters) and carbonation is way higher than any other (non-Blegian) IPA I know (photo nicely shows you how the beer is trying to escape the glass). If you are in Belgium and have to try a local IPA, this is one of the most drinkables to go.

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