Montag, 19. September 2016



Brewed: Lagunitas Brewing Company, USA
Tested: Bottle, 18.09.2016

What Mozart, Beethoven and Lagunitas IPA have in common? They are considered as classical in their particular worlds.


Its 1995, American market is ruled by bad quality beers and then Tony Magee and his Lagunitas are coming with the first IPA. It was like the worlds collide. Aromatic, strong IPA that made all American Buds looking like water. Probably one of the icons of the beer revolution in the USA.

At that time this IPA was a completely different level to anything that I have ever tried before. Now, more than 20 years later I was curious to see whether this IPA is still as good as it was.

Good news are: yes it is as good as it was before. Smells of pine and fruits (pineapple?), pours yellow and with a very nice, thick head. Taste is a mixture of hoppy bitterness, some malts and tropical notes. Great one.

Bad news (but only for this particular IPA) – beer culture around the world has developed rapidly in the recent times, therefore its rather easu to find some beers that are significantly better than Lagunitas IPA.

But honestly, I will keep some bottles just in case…

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