Montag, 12. September 2016

MALTS N'ROSES, traditional ale


Brewed: Piwoteka&Jabeerwocky
Style: Rosanke
Tested: bottle, August 2016

So the fancy week continues. Today, its Malts N’Roses a collaboration brew from Piwoteka and Jabeerwocky (I love this name). First interesting thing is the style – it is called Rosanke (falsely described on Ratebeer as traditional Ale). It is a beer brewed in the Warmia region of Poland, especially for serfs during harvest. It’s a bit similar to Belgian ale (carbonation), but supposed to have more cereal flavors. Mostly dead style, was reactivated a few years ago and its being brewed from time to time in Poland.

It is really hard to compare Malts N’Roses with other Rosanke beers on the market. Why? Well it’s the only one I have found.

Aroma is mostly honey and flowers. Strong and nice. Beer pours cloudy amber with quite solid head. Bit disappointing is that the strong aroma is not really clear in the strong taste. Beer is rather a bit fade, aromas of spices, honey, and finished with herbal bitterness. Overall, even if it seems like a bit unfinished its nice and refreshing, certainly worth testing.  

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