Montag, 5. September 2016

Hop Point, american pils


Style: Pils, American Pils
Brewed: Baba Jaga, Poland
Tested: Bottle, August 2016

Baba Jaga (Polish equivalent to a Boogey Man) is very nice name. Would this Pils be a Boogey Man for all boring concern beers?

In fact, this American Pils is a perfect illustration of what I have described recently in H41 Heineken lager review. There is a big difference between using the different strain of yeast (and all the work behind it) and taking aroma hops. Effect could be the same, but – first approach is master-level science (and maybe revolution); second one is just apprentice level craft.

Does this mean that this is bad beer? Not at all. It has beautiful light golden color. Its reasonably carbonated and pours with decent head. Reasonably malt and slight bitter in taste. Aroma is mostly floral and citrus.

Drinking it, I was wondering what was the idea behind that beer. Seems like an academic discussion, but it is not. I think the idea behind also decides on the note I give that beer.

If – Baba Jaga wanted to prepare a beer being a “bridge” between all hopheads and concern-lovers; a combination of modern and traditional taste – then congratulations. This beer kicks ass. Both sides will drink it and both should like it.

If – this beer was aimed at hopheads, and was supposed to be a modern interpretation of old beer style – then… it didn’t work.

Decide for yourself.

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