Donnerstag, 30. November 2017

The Place and The Beer Part 5: Other Half Brewing, NYC, USA

Other Half Brewing Company

195 Centre St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA

After staying for a while in Europe, today we move back to USA. After 1 hour subway ride from the upper Manhattan to Bronx I have visited the Other Half brewery. This place is quite far from any tourist attraction but apparently a “must see” for a beer geek.

Other Half Brewing (OH) is considered to be the hottest brewery in New York. Appraised, loved, recognized – this is a very high bar, especially for an American brewery. It is very difficult to get this level of recognition at this amazingly strong craft beer market.

Just to tell you how amazing OH is – since recently, they were chosen to be the official beer of the Wall Street. Yes, that Wall Street. People used to say that the Wall Street Bankers do choose the beers that are big, bold and brash. Well, it fits to the description of the Other Half as well.

Clearly, I was curious, but also not prepared to what I have seen. I have arrived just 2 minutes after opening of their tap room and this was already almost full! OK, the room is small, but I have seen bigger rooms being empty on good days. The queue for the first round was still OK, the second was worse; finally, I had to wait outside to get the last beer.

Actually, the taproom itself is quite original place – full of stuff from different
epochs and styles. I would dare to call it rustically, it clearly has some atmosphere. Also, the tap, or rather taps are nothing I have seen before. Especially the wall with the taps. I want to have one at home.

Now, the great moment is coming. Look at this Beer Menu. They almost only brew IPAs! Double dry hopped. Triple dry hopped. It was some IPA madness. I got vertigo after just reading a half of the list, the second half caused me to quiver uncontrollably.

Seeing all this IPAs, I have decided to start with a Pils. Good decision, get rid of the bad stuff first. My suggestion to Other Half is to stay with IPAs.
But the rest of the afternoon was like the never-ending IPA party. And what was crazy, they were all at the very high level. Very thick body, low carbonation, many single hopped IPAs made in the amazing way that really makes you to realize the difference between hops used. That was like a dream.

Also, there I have tried my first beer with Lupulin ever – to be frank, in comparison to other beers of the evening that one was quite average. I had a conversation about it few weeks later with a different brewer, and he told me that the problem I s the process of production. Don’t get me wrong, it was not bad IPA, just in comparison it was not outstanding.

Just to put a cherry on a cake, I have decided to finalize the evening with the collaboration brew from Other Half, Monkish and Trillium. A triple dry hopped IIPA called Fully Loaded Baked Potato. Some mad genius has mixed here mosaic, denali, galaxy and kohatu hops. And then brew it up to 10% of alcohol.
It is important to say that I am not a great fan of triple IPAs. In my experience so fa, IIPAs are dense, and heavy and the aroma and flavor never live up to the “triple” expectations.

So far, because the Fully Loaded Baked Potato is just the opposite. The aroma burnt my nose and the flavor have killed my taste buds. Tropical fruits, mango, pine, orange aroma and flavor. Full body, good bitterness. Soft carbonation and almost no alcohol. No IPA will ever taste the same after this experience. Simply the best.

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