Freitag, 17. November 2017

The Place and The Beer Part 2: World of Beer, Cambridge, MA, USA

100 Cambridgeside Pl, Cambridge, MA 02141, USA

Thanks to the combined efforts of heavy storm over Iceland and Icelandicair being unable to properly take care for the clients I have arrived at Cambridge with a small 26 hours delay.

And I was hungry.

Therefore, the first question to the guy at the reception desk was “where is the food?”.

Well, you know, everything is closed, but in the close shopping mall they have a place called World of Beer that is opened until 1 am; and they have burgers as well.

Honestly, the moment he said something about beer he has lost my attention and I was on the way.

Holly cow. What a nice place. 

And it has a multitap with 50 different beers…(more photos at the end).

And they have bottles as well.

And the kitchen is closed.

And who cares.

Let’s get a beer.

Before I go to the beer. I just must finish the introduction – so World of Beers is a huge chain of bars around the USA. 55 locations in 16 states. Whereas usually I am a bit allergic to chain food (burgers, pizza), but this could be the first one I promote. Very nice bar. Stylish, wood&brick interior. Amazing tap. And the barman knows his job and his beers. I have asked something and have heard some other folks asking and getting very professional and appropriate answers.

One point of criticism are the TV screens all around. But, in the USA they are everywhere. I haven't seen a single bar that wouldn't have them all around the place. For me horrible. For Americans normal. 

Enough, back to the beer.

If I cannot get a food I will get a cake - Clown Shoes Space Cake a double/Imperial IPA with a very high ranking on Ratebeer. Never had one before but it looked like a good start of the travel. Being on the east coast I have expected something in a style, but Space Cake is clearly a west coast-tropical-fruit-grassy-aromatic-blast-killer. 

This beer takes no prisoners.

This is a beer for IPA lovers who like it clear cut aromatic and bitter. Citrus and resin. It just has everything what you expect from a very good imperial IPA. A must try.

For all multitap lovers...

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