Mittwoch, 22. November 2017

The Place and The Beer Part 3: Browarium Sklepy Piwne, Slupsk, Poland


ul. Plac Dąbrowskiego 3, 76-200 Słupsk

Today a very special visit.

I have collaborated with Browarium since I have moved to Belgium and honestly, I couldn’t imagine a better partner. Professional, well connected and having access to rare beers – yes, I have got Imperium Prunum (second edition). Sadly, our communication so far has been restricted to email and Facebook. Therefore, coming back from holidays, I have decided that it is time to meet the owners in persona. Słupsk is on the way from 3City to Belgium, therefore no excuses.

The story of Browarium is a success story: Natalia and Krystian have started with their own pub in 2010, that have developed into a first craft beer bottle shop in Słupsk (2011). They have convinced the local community that beer is more than a light company lager. The growth is enormous: starting with the old location and 300 beers they have recently moved to a newer bigger place and are having over 1000 various beers from Poland and more on sale.


Clearly, they have been recognized by the community, Browarium have won Ratebeer award for the best beer shop in Poland in 2016.

And I hope all the best for you guys.

Enough introduction. The shop is impressive, maybe not from the outside, but inside is the wet dream of any craft beer lover. Beer, more beer and even more beer. Local breweries, craft breweries around Poland and the rest of the world. Glassware, T-shirts you name it. What is more important both owners know what they are selling and doing. They both are beer lovers and will offer professional help if you need it. They also have a great website ( and will be happy to help all you folks living abroad and interested in Polish craft.

The beer of the day is Bloody Belfegor from Szałpiw ( Why it is connected to the shop? First: it is a present I got from Natalia when visiting. Second: the beer is as impressive as the shop. Bloody Belfegor is blackcurrant Belgian dark strong ale.  Dark-brown, low carbonation, aroma of blackcurrant, malt and Belgian yeast. Well balanced sour-malt taste. Clear Belgium but with a twist. 9% Alcohol is well composed and not detectable. Very, very good beer.  

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