Montag, 27. November 2017

Soiree Italia: Bibibir & La Tana, hosted by Fermenthings Brussels, November 24, 2017

Pierre Timmermansstraat 28A, 1090 Jette - Brussel

Today, I continue my quest in getting more likes on Facebook and entries on the blog.

No, different start.

Today I continue my effort of trying to get recognition by a local beer scene in publishing reports from small events that are interesting for craft beer, and nobody except me gives a damn to write about them.

Not wrong, but maybe wrong start.
Let’s try like that:

Today, I visit a new shop in Brussels. Fermenthings ( dedicated to beer… STOP… fermentation. It is fair to assume that beer brewing is the highest form of fermentation, but these people are really interested in all fermented things. Yoghurt, kombucha, they have it all. and will help you to do one at home. I have visited the shop once in our quest to get the live kefir and kombucha cultures and found out that they also organize Beer and Food evenings. The closest one was dedicated to Italian beer. Or, to be precise to a beer from Bibibir. Interesting, since I have never tried this brewery before. I have gathered an international pack of 3 Italians, complemented with French and Portuguese colleagues and there we were on Friday evening.

Overall, the shop is a nice place to be. Well renovated, neat and tidy. Very good selection of Brussel beers and beers from the north of Belgium. Real craft. No Jupiler. Some sitting places, enough standing space with tables. Everybody speaks English.
Entry price is OK.

And then the surprise of the week – the organizers have managed to invite the brewers from Bibibir to join the evening and bring even more of their beers. No, the Italians didn’t come because it was so important to be there (I hope it may be in the future), they have come to visit Vine, Beers, Rebels 2017 in Brussels. Still, the fact the Fermenthing had them there is a plus. Less OK, was the fact that the tap has failed to work. But this one can be forgiven, as Bibibir brought two additional beers to taste.

What was not OK is the amount of food, when I hear – you pay for the beer and the food is there. Then I mean that the food is there. Don’t get me wrong, I am willing to pay for my food, but I need to know in advance that it’s the case. Btw.: they have promised that the Polish evening will be better fed. I hope so.

Now the beer. Or rather Bibibir.

I would like to start with the negative beer of the evening – double IPA (Zero Sei). You really waste your time trying that one. Technically it may be the right style, but if you expect that it will hit any of your sensed with aroma or taste, you are wrong.

Then the good average: Belgian ale, American ale, triple and the wit were OK. You can go for them if you like. No harm will be taken and you can even enjoy.


First positive out layer is the Peated Quadrupel. Vedo Quadruplo is a bit unusual with its light smoked character, but for me it adds a positive twist on top on its typical, quad like raisin, caramel and honey sweetness character. Another plus – no alcohol detectable. Very smooth to drink.  


The beer of the evening is the white IPA called White Shock. Amazing aroma of citrus and grass complemented with some sweet, malty notes. Body is a bit low and carbonation could be a tad lower for my taste, but the flavor of citrus and some bitterness make that one crazy drinkable and highly enjoyable. World class. Chapeau bas. 

Overall, it was a great evening with beer and friends. Thanks to Fermenthings!

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